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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get to select my own Outsourced Rep?

Absolutely! Clients are given as little or as much input in choosing their representative as they like. You will be allowed to interview your applicants and pick out someone who you are comfortable with and who can meet your needs. You will speak with your applicants before hiring them.

Can I set my reps hours and days?

Yes, you choose the day or hours that suit your business needs, it's all up to you! Most existing clients are in the US so will definitely operate during US business hours for you! As well as any other time of the day.

What is the time difference between the US and the outsourcing facility?

The Philippines is 12 hours ahead of EST. So, if it is 9am in New York it's 9pm in the Philippines.

What are payment terms?

The service is pre-paid. Payment is due on the start date of your rep by ACH Authorization (direct debit), Check-by-Fax, or Visa/MC.

Can there be refunds issued?

Although it's rare, you can cancel anytime during your first month, and you will be refunded the pro-rated portion of your funds by check within 15 days.

Do I have to sign a contract?

The service is offered on a month-to-month basis.

Are there references?

There are many satisfied clients who would be more than happy to share their experiences.

How do I know my rep is actually working?

Your dedicated reps are managed in house by American Managers in the facilities in Cebu. Provided is full in-depth oversight. The American managers and your dedicated reps know your business inside and out thus maintaining the quality of service that is almost on par with Western Services at a much, much lower price point. There is an online time clock system that you can use to verify that your employees have "punched in" at You also have full access to your reps computer through This allows you to view and even take control of your reps PC. You also have access to the CCTV system for online viewing of the reps in the outsourcing center at any time of the day or night.

Will my rep tell callers they are overseas?

Your reps will represent your business any way you please.  You are in full control. If your office is in New York, for example, you may instruct your representatives to say that they are currently in Chicago. Your rep's dedicated phone line is local to you and your business.  Your representative can be provided with info pertaining to your local area, such as maps, local businesses etc.

What happens if my rep is out sick?

Since your rep is like your own in-house staff, this is a possibility. People's health can only be managed by themselves to prevent illnesses and other unforseen events. You would deal with this in the same fashion as you would if it were at your own location. You might require make up days for your representative and/or extended work hours until the hours are made up.

Can I change reps if I'm not happy?

Keep in mind that you are not stuck with the representative that you have. If it's not working out for you, let your HR contact know and they will find someone else for you imediately..

Can I hire someone with a specific set of skills?

Yes, engineers, doctors, and other specialty professions may be hired for your needs. This requires a slightly longer hiring time and will require higher salaries for the representative. The service rate would be slightly higher. Please send an email for a quote..

How long does it take to get started?

Within a few days you would be contacted to get your requirements and get interviews setup. To get completely going with your new employee it can take 7-20 days depending on your unique requirements. But, more often than not, as soon as the client successfully selects an applicant to be his dedicated rep, everything begins.

Can I offer Incentives to my reps?

The best way to motivate your reps and increase productivity anywhere is to give a little something to strive for. So, while you are not obligated to provide this additional compensation, based on past experience, it more than pays for itself. The entire amount goes directly to your resp.  So a small amount goes a long way!

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