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What The Clients Are Saying:

" I was very impressed, from the very beginning when you took me by the hand through the hiring process to when I started getting some major action on my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. To be able to get all the additional interest and visitors to my site is extremely valuable... and it all just happens automatically, I just sit back and look for your updates and take care of all the new customers. What a dream come true! Thanks guys."
George Hansen
Hansen Food Supply, LLC



" Thanks to you I have freed up so much of my time that I have been expanding to other markets. I used to spend all day doing the same basic stuff and never getting done so I could possibly move on to other things(or even go to bed early sometimes). With some simple instructions to my new personal assistant I have cut my workload in half. I only check in now and again to view the results. My assistant is wonderful, I could not ask for more, extremely bright and goes beyond the call of duty often. This whole experience has been one of the best things I have done for my business. Thanks again."
Mary Olsen
Owner, SewEasy Discounts, Inc.


" Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my new virtual assistant is working out very well. She handles my sales calls now for me. She has a wonderful voice and is always so happy! Sometimes I call just to check up on how she answers the phone and she never disappoints me. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to find someone with you that was so perfect for me and my business! And yes, the cost savings is wonderful too, I could have never done it otherwise. thank you! thank you! thank you!"
Jane Fanning
CEO, BCS Spices
" I needed a service just like what you offer and boy am I glad I found you. I am today hiring yet another of your agents. If I were to hire locally and demand the same work ethic and quality of work I have been getting from you I would be paying at least $25 an hour. I know, I have done this in the past and it just doesn't seem to work out. Very difficult to get and retain good help. My business is growing and I spend more time with my family... BIG BONUS! I recommend these guys highly. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!"
Marcus Svenson
CEO, Big V Electronics, Inc.
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